About Hydro Pure Technology

From the outside looking in, Hydro Pure may seem like a typical oilfield trucking company, but we offer so much more. Our services include:

• Ultra Pure water manufacturing, storage and delivery
• Potable water delivery
• Midstream Process and general oilfield Water Hauling,
• Waste Oil collection and Treatment
• Burner Fuel Sales.

Founded by Joe Williams in 1991. HPT Inc. has been providing award winning service to the Four Corners area ever since. Our mission is to apply the industry’s best technology to meet client needs in a timely and innovative manner.

For additional information and answers to your special needs, please contact dispatch at (505) 334-1765.

Satisfied Customers

All American Technical Team
American Equipment
Arkoma Operations, LLC
BlackHawk Energy Corp.
Catamount Energy Partners, LLC
Clearwater Disposal, LLC
CNJ Oilfield Servies LLC
Coastal Chemical
CSI Compressco LP
Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad

Dept of Homeland Security Emergency Management
Drake Well Service
Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge RR
Elite Energy Services
Geolex Inc.
Harvest Midstream
Hilcorp Energy
Honnen Equipment Company

IKAV Energy
Industrial Ecosystems Inc.
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Mountain Man Water

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Red Willow
RODI Systems Corp
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Our Services

Ultra Pure Water

Ultra Pure Water

Hydro Pure produces and delivers ultra-pure water, which is typically used by oil and natural gas companies to cool compressor systems.
Potable Water Delivery

Potable Water Delivery

Hydro Pure transports high volumes of potable water. A key component of fracking fluid, potable water also is used for equipment cleaning, domestic use and other industrial purposes.
Midstream Process Water Hauling

Midstream Process Water Hauling

Hydro Pure transports produced water to government-approved disposal sites. Today, transporting produced water accounts for half of the company’s trucking business.
Waste Oil Collection & Treatment

Waste Oil Collection & Treatment

Hydro Pure treats and recycles oil and water emulsions that accumulate during the transportation of natural gas from wellhead to processing facility.
Burner Fuel

Burner Fuel

Hydro Pure delivers burner fuel to plants and commercial clientele for heating purposes as well as the Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad.

Our mission is to apply the industry’s best technology to meet client needs in a timely and innovative manner.