Hydro Pure treats and recycles oil and water emulsions that accumulate during the transportation of natural gas from wellhead to processing facility. The refinery grade oil is reclaimed and recycled, while the produced water is transported to government-approved disposal sites.

As compressors move gas through pipelines, tiny droplets of oil and water can contaminate the stream. This emulsion is removed from the gas. Hydro Pure converts this waste into usable fuel by separating oil from water.

Typically, processors use chemicals to separate oil from water. Hydro Pure, which can treat up to 6,500 gallons of emulsion at a time, uses a more environmentally friendly method that relies on heat and agitation.

What we do: Hydro Pure transports and treats oilfield waste oil as well as waste oil emulsions. If your waste storage tank contains both water and waste oil, don’t worry! We’ll transport both liquids from your location, making this a one-step service.

What happens to the oil emulsion after pickup from your location: At our processing facility, water is separated from the oil. The remaining liquid is transported to a government-approved waste disposal site.

What are the fees: Costs are based on the content degree of water-and-oil emulsion (the higher percentage of water in the emulsion, the higher the cost to the customer) as well as the volume and frequency of treating generated waste.

What wastes are not treated: Hydro Pure does not treat drilling muds, tank bottoms, cement slurries, pit or tank sludges or solid-laden waste oil emulsions. We process only water-and-oil emulsions.

Benefits using Hydro Pure for your waste oil needs: Hydro Pure is a turnkey, one-stop service that performs emulsified water-and-oil removal services. Process trucks and oil trucks work together efficiently and economically to handle your pit and tank waste oil.

For additional information and answers to your special needs, please contact dispatch at (505) 334-1765.